When you look at children's books about animals, you'll usually see the habitat for a pelican to be a sorta swampy marsh. So why are there so many pelicans living in Windsor, Colorado?

Larry Rogstad of the Colorado Division of Wildlife said "Windsors the hot spot, with Water Valley and Windsor Lake, to watch the pelicans in Weld County." That's because  "any lakes that have shallows where they can reach down and grab their primary prey source, fish, make fine pelican habitats" Rogstad says.

So, it seems Windsor is a very natural place for them to be. It's a misconception that these birds need marshes or to be near the ocean. We are just silly misinformed humans.

Turns out there are a few main types of pelicans. The ones that hang out in Windsor are American white pelicans. Many people believe the white pelican is far superior in its looks over the brown and gray pelican.

The majority of the pelicans in Windsor migrate to the area in May and most of them will migrate south by the end of October. A few of the pelicans linger as you see in this picture taken just last week at Pelican Lakes.

Did you know the American white pelican can hold 3 gallons of water in its bill? Also, fun to know, a "pelican’s beak is the most spacious out of all the birds in the world".

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