And more.  A guy sums up the Whole Foods parking lot experience!

If the parking lot at this Whole Foods is anything like the one in Fort Collins, I can understand the danger this young family of geese is in.  Whenever I'm in it, I have this unavoidable sensation that the front end of my car is about to be taken off sideways.  So sometimes I park near Wilbur's (and while I'm there, ya know, might as well snag a box of wine... I mean, I'm right there & all, ya know?  Anyway...)  That parking lot is but a warmup session for the insanity you're in for when you enter the store.  Love Whole Foods - but I always feel like I'm in somebody's way while someone is kind of in mine, too.  It's like you're still driving on College.

Well, here's this sweet story from 9 News, and kudos to WF in Littleton.  A mother goose laid her eggs in the parking lot there, and the store decided to put up a barricade around the young family to keep them safe.  I love this!  It costs nothing to be kind.  

While I generally don't care for rap music, this video is awesome.. If for no other reason, the shear irony of rap music being connected to Whole Foods.  Maybe you can relate to this and get your inner gangsta-granola on, yo:

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