Fort Collins traffic can get really backed up really quickly when a flock of geese decide to cross the road. Do you have to stop and wait? What is the law about geese in the road?

We reached out to the Larimer Humane Society to answer this question. The response came from Kaylene Weingardt, the Marketing & Community Outreach Manager. She said "there is not a specific animal ordinance which states 'right of way', but in Fort Collins, Loveland and Larimer County there is a provision that says 'needlessly kill', which can mean swerving a car to purposely hit an animal is unlawful."

It's obviously cruel, wrong, and unnecessary to run them over, so we'll just have to wait for them to cross. But now you know what the law says.

Here is the exact wording for that ordinance:.

Sec. 4-70. - Improper care or treatment prohibited.
No owner or keeper of an animal shall fail to provide that animal with sufficient good and wholesome food and water, proper shelter and protection from the weather, veterinary care, when necessary, and such other care as is customary and necessary for the animal's health and well-being, considering the species, breed and type of animal.
No person shall leave any animal unattended within a parked vehicle so as to place the animal in danger of suffering heat exhaustion, heatstroke or death. Authorized personnel may make a prima facie determination as to whether the animal is in danger of suffering heat exhaustion, heatstroke or death, which determination may be based upon, but not limited to, a consideration of the following factors:
external ambient temperature is eighty (80) degrees Fahrenheit or greater;
temperature inside the car is one hundred (100) degrees Fahrenheit or greater;
the time of day;
position of windows allows for sufficient cross-ventilation;
the amount of shade covering the vehicle;
the age of the animal;
the breed of the animal;
the overall condition of the animal; and
any other factors tending to show the severity of the situation.
No person shall beat, cruelly ill-treat, torment, overload, overwork, otherwise abuse or needlessly kill an animal or cause, instigate or permit any dogfight, cockfight, bullfight or other combat between animals or between animals and humans, nor shall any person transport or confine an animal in or upon any vehicle in such manner as to endanger the animal's health or life.





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