Like you, perhaps, I have a growing list of favorite comedians, and you can hear them all at 7:45 weekday mornings during Get Up Standup.  You can also request a comic you'd like to hear, at 800-595-2943.

There are times either a) I'm not terribly familiar with the latest ones playing at Comedy Works, or b) I like them both so much that I can't choose which one I should give you free tickets to on the X's Funny Friday!  (And I'm not allowed to do both.)

So, let's turn it over to you!  Take a listen to these, then tell me below who you'd rather see.

You don't have to make plans to go to Comedy Works in order to take the poll.  Nope, it's open to anyone who wants to take it.

That said, if you have never been to a Comedy Works show, you've been missing out!  They have two openers, usually a funny emcee as well, and the atmosphere is over-the-top happy.  They have very high standards as to who they let on stage.  It's a great way to forget your problems, and maybe take a new approach at them the next day.

(Bear in mind that neither our comedy videos, nor the shows, are usually "safe for work" material ;))

Listen around 7:40 Friday morning for your chance to win tickets to the comic who wins this poll!

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