I have always used to think that Denver was a clean city. Grass was well kept, little to no trash along the streets and in the parks. A lot has changed over the years, I'll admit. As a matter of fact, I drove right by Denver's Civic Center Park this weekend and there was so much trash that my jaw literally dropped. According to a new report from BB Cleaning Service, I'm not the only one who has taken notice to how dirty Denver has gotten.

Credit: bbcleaningservice.com

The Report ranks Denver in the top 10 for the dirtiest cities in the nation. According to this report, the trash isn't really the factor for how Denver ranks. Denver does rank in the top 5 for Nitrogen dioxide pollution though. Additionally, Denver's biggest offender for being dirty comes in the form of pests like mice, rats, cockroaches, etc. Measured in the thousands, homes that showed signs of pest problems over the past 12 months were at 134. Check out the entire infographic HERE on Denver and all the cities.


Source: BB Cleaning Service