Have you ever seen a video of a deer getting stuck inside a building? It could be a business, a home, or even a car. Let me tell you, if you have never seen footage of something like that, it is sheer chaos.

The deer is panicked and looking for a way out, things are getting broken, and chances are that whatever was in the room with the deer is now totally destroyed. One mule deer found its way into a basement in Colorado Springs by the way of crashing through a window on Tuesday.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife were called in to assist with the basement deer. Officers sedated the deer and carried it outside where it shortly woke up and walked away.

Why did the deer end up in the basement in the first place?

It's not like the deer randomly decided it was looking for a warm place to rest, so why did it end up in the basement? Rut season is currently underway for mule deer. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, rut season can send bucks into a frenzy. Colorado Parks and Wildlife are speculating that this is the case for the Colorado Springs basement deer. He simply went into a frenzy, crashed through the window, and hung out in the basement until he calmed down and was able to be rescued.

Hopefully, this wild buck of a deer learned a valuable lesson... That is to stay away from windows, so you don't end up in the basement of a family's home.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook 


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