Old Town Fort Collins is a great place to hang out, with many places to shop, eat and drink at. While you may have made plans to go home early, plans change. Fort Collins is helping you get home without worry.

"What will I do with my car," is a thought many have, those who've had too much to drink and won't be driving their cars home. A new initiative with the Choice City will reward you for making the right choice.


It happens: You definitely do not want to get pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, so you're getting a ride, but you'll have to leave your car. Sure, it's been worth taking your chances on a huge parking ticket, in exchange for not getting arrested, but now you can rest easy.

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The City of Fort Collins has announced a new policy/initiative: "Safe Choice." If you make the safe choice in getting home, the city will give you a break on how long you've parked you car in one those "timed" spaces or just on a city street in and around Old Town.

If you contact the city by 10 a.m. the next day, you'll get extra time to retrieve your car. This will save you, and it will save the city, by have those traffic police officers not having to write as many tickets.


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Now, this new program does not apply if you've parked in one of the parking garages, as you can just add more time via the kiosks or with the app that they have. Also, keep in mind, that if you've parked in one of the garages on a Saturday night, your fee will stop at midnight, as parking is free on Sundays.


So, keep this number handy for when you're getting a ride (doing the right/safe thing): 970-221-6617 and call them before 10 a.m. the next day to let them how you've left your car behind. Or, you can bookmark (save) this website form to fill out.

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