Weezer guested on last night’s (May 10) new episode of The Simpsons, previewing a new song called “Blue Dream” and jamming the iconic cartoon’s theme.

Weezer now join an illustrious group of musicians who’ve appeared on The Simpsons, including Paul McCartney, Metallica, Judas Priest, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Green Day and many others.

In “The Hateful Eight-Year Olds,” Weezer’s “Blue Dream” is sung by a cruise ship band, Sailor’s Delight. After Homer decides to take Marge on a romantic cruise, problems arise when Homer believes the band’s singer was hitting on Marge from the stage. After Homer realized the musician’s sights were on a younger woman, Homer head-butted him in anger, causing the band’s setlist and all the ship’s alcohol to go spilling overboard.

Along with Sailor’s Delight performing the new Weezer track, Rivers Cuomo and the boys voiced the animated act’s banter.

During the end credits, Weezer also performed The Simpsons theme song as themselves, jamming the legendary instrumental intro in front of their Springfield fans.

Watch Weezer perform The Simpsons theme below and click here to watch the full episode.

Weezer Plays The Simpsons Theme Song | Season 31 | THE SIMPSONS

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