A hardcore Weezer fan likely wouldn't argue if you told them their favorite band was a little on the nerdy side. But is keeping your room clean only the pursuit of a nerd? Everyone who lives in a carpeted space needs a good vacuuming now and again, and Weezer have the hook-up with their new Weezer "Wroomba" robot vacuum from the makers of the real Roomba, iRobot.

The rock band-branded vacuum cleaner arrives hot on the heels of Weezer's latest album, OK Human, the 12-song orchestral pop collection that finds the Rivers Cuomo-led rockers incorporating a classical symphony into their signature alt-rock schtick. And, hey, while you're listening to it, why not set the Weezer Wroomba to work on those floors?

Watch a video about the vacuum down toward the bottom of this post.

"Are you longing for a new friend?" Weezer asked in a tweet on Monday (April 19). "Perhaps a robot one that cleans up after you? We got you covered. Introducing the Wroomba (the w is silent). Enter to win one on wroomba.com."

That's right, Weezer are inviting listeners to enter to win their own robot-vacuuming "house companion" in a contest where five lucky people will end up with a Wroomba. See a mockup of the product below — it looks like a compact disc inside of a portable CD player. Really, though, it's just a custom skin covering a standard Roomba i7 model robot vacuum.

No matter, however, because we're sure plenty of Weezer-heads will want to get their hands on this thing. How cool would it be to tell your friends that Weezer helped you clean your carpet?

Plus, it's "so much better at cleaning than human Rivers [Cuomo]," Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson jokes in the preview video.

Check it out:

Weezer Wroomba Robot Vaccum Cleaner

This is a photo of Weezer's Wroomba robot vacuum cleaner.

Weezer Introduce the Wroomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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