Elk and Colorado go together like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, and pepperoni and cheese. Well, you get the idea, the two are intertwined forever. It is believed that the state of Colorado has approximately 280,000 elk roaming around at any given point, and run-ins are becoming more and more common as urban sprawl gets deeper into the wilderness.

Many times though, especially during rut season (mating season for elk), the animals will be roaming around bravely through towns looking for love and during that time (any time really) but especially during rut season, which runs mid-September til around late October you want to keep your distance as they tend to be a little crankier than normal during that mating season.

As dangerous as they can be if you're not careful, they are beautiful and majestic creatures, and to see them roaming in the wild, especially in a big herd, is such a spectacular sight.

Our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife captured a video of a whole bunch of elk rumbling over a Colorado highway recently and it is pretty stunning to see.


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