If there's one thing that we all can't get enough of, it's Wyoming wildlife. Especially when you're looking at videos from bison in Yellowstone. I mean, they're wild animals, obviously, but it's fun to see them(on video) just having to deal with life in the 2020s.

Some sight-seers in Yellowstone recently caught some fun video of HUNDREDS of Yellowstone bison rolling across a bridge as the couple tried to make it across at the same time. And what do you do when hundreds of bison cross a bridge at the same time as you? You let the bison do what they want.

Luckily for the couple, the bison just wanted to cross the bridge. Though, if you watch the video, there are several times where you may think to yourself, "are they going to hit their car?". Don't worry.

Check it out for yourself.

The commentary from the couple in the video is pretty great. Especially as one or two of the bison inch closer to their vehicle. And their reaction to the bridge just shaking with all the bison rumbling through. I could only imagine what that experience would be like. It really does look like they're in a giant stampede. At least the bison seemed to be ambivalent to their situation.

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I love videos like this. They're just fun and wholesome. No one is injured by a bison, they seemingly don't really care that the couple is there in their vehicle, they're just trying to live their lives and get across the bridge. Just doing bison stuff.

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