This year is the 150th year of Yellowstone National Park and every year that goes by, the bison numbers in the park continue to grow. With the number of bison increasing, the number of human/bison encounters is going up.

Earlier this year, there was a stretch where 3 people got up close and personal with a bison in a one month period. Just because the bison are standing where people are, doesn't mean they're nice and not a threat.

It's recommended that you stay 25 yards from the large beasts. With the number of bison and where they like to hang out, sometimes even when you try to do the right thing and let the bison move on before trying to pass, you're still a threat to them. If they have babies close, you really could be in trouble.

The YouTube channel Tripods in the Wild, which highlights videos from encounters in the wild, recently posted a video of a hiker that got an up close view of one of those Yellowstone bison.

When the video begins, the hiker was at a safe distance, but as she continued moving closer. As she got closer, she noticed bison calves on one side of the trail and adults on the other. You can see early in the video that the bigger bison knew she was there and made sure to keep an eye on her.

Once the bigger, mature bison began to move closer to the youngsters, the hiker tried to maneuver around them and continue with the hike. The problem with trying to get around is that the mom was already on high alert and felt like the intruder was a threat and charged.

It all happened so fast, that the hiker didn't have time enough to get away. The video continues to record as she is rolled into the bushes.

The woman screams in fear and pain as the bison hits her.

It's a horrifying moment for the hiker and a teaching moment for all. Bison are big, bad, wild creatures and you should maintain your distance.

Take a look at the video. In the heat of the moment, the hiker lets out a few NSFW words.

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