There's going to be a sequel to Stephen King's The Shining, famously inspired by The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, and we now have a trailer. 

The Stanley

Most of us have seen the film where Jack Nicholson terrorizes his family at a snowed-in Colorado hotel (the Overlook), and know that the story was written by King after a stay at Estes Park's very haunted Stanley Hotel.

The Shining, the Stephen King-penned story that was adapted into a Kubrick classic in 1980, got a horror novel sequel, Doctor Sleep, from King in 2013. It features some of the spirits from The Stanley — oops, I mean The Overlook.

So, how did that kid Danny turn out after seeing all that? That's what Doctor Sleep is all about, according to VOX. Oh, and he is Ewan McGregor. REDRUM...

You can watch the first trailer teaser here:

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