It is that time of year! Snow is visible on the mountain peaks and ski resorts are opening up. Skiers and snowboarders are prepping their gear for another epic season of Rocky Mountain life on the hills.

The official beginning of the ski and snowboard season happens every year at the Lincoln Center with the annual Warren Miller showcase.

Outpost Sunsport presents Warren Miller's "Line of Descent" on Friday, November 3rd.

If you've never seen a Warren Miller movie, you should know that these are not just movies....they are an experience. The stories they share, the people you meet, the places you get to see, and the lifestyle of the avid skier and snowboarder are all highlighted on a big screen and in HD. And the crowds that come and see the movie are as exciting as the movie. It's not only okay to react to the movie, it's encouraged!

"Line of Descent" will be taking you to Jackson Hole, Montana, Silverton, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, and Steamboat. It seem that every year Warren Miller features a Colorado resort. And when they are mentioned, the crowd goes crazy!

Get your tickets today and be there on Friday, November 3rd. There will be two showings: 6:30p & 9:30p.

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