Like many of us, I love mom & pop shops, and do my best to support them.  As for Walmart, well... While I don't find myself in one terribly often, I can say that I've had as many positive experiences there as negative.  For one, I worked at the super center on Magnolia when it first opened, we had a lot of fun, and that store got awards from corporate for its cleanliness.  Now, if I do need to hit a Walmart, I notice the one on Mason is very opposite of the Jerry Springer Show, so that's a big plus.  Also, a very wonderful neighbor and friend of mine, who's pushing retirement age, but just barely getting by, works at that store tirelessly.

Here's another Wally feel-good:

Geneva Kendrick from Arkansas just turned 104 years old.  Impressive.  But when you're that old, you don't always have a ton of friends left to celebrate with.  So check this out:  She still does her own shopping, and goes to her local Walmart all the time.  She likes talking to the employees, and they all love her, and they knew her birthday was coming up.  So last week, they brought her to the break room while she was shopping, and threw her a surprise birthday party.

Geneva got so emotional, she cried when she walked in.  They had balloons and a cake, put a tiara on her head, and some of them even bought presents.

She told the local news that she's celebrated a lot of birthdays, and it was the best party she's ever had.

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