There are three things that are certain in the NFL:

  1. The season flies by way too quick
  2. It seems like forever until the next football season rolls around
  3. Nothing seems to stay the same for long in the NFL

After our win in Super Bowl 50, we knew that Peyton Manning was going to be riding off into the sunset. We never expected to have coach Kubiak abruptly retire after the end of this season. Now we are dealing with another loss to our Broncos leadership. According to ESPN, we will now be in search of a new Defensive Coordinator as it is being reported that Wade Phillips has left the Broncos for the Defensive Coordinator position with the L.A. Rams.

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Getty Images

As football fans, we wish the best of luck to Wade Phillips in his new position with another team. As Broncos fans, we sit here and wonder who will be the next Defensive Coordinator. Will they be successful? Will Bring us to new heights the Denver Broncos have ever seen before? Will this next season be a rebuilding season? Will we see the playoffs? This no doubt going to be a very long off season for Broncos fans waiting to see what all of the changes in leadership bring our team. One can only hope for the best... Right?


Source: ESPN


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