A deer met its unfortunate demise on Friday (Feb. 19) when a mountain lion ambushed it outside of a Colorado home.

According to The Durango Herald, Jessie Davis, of Hermosa, witnessed the attack from her window after waking up to feed her baby.

Davis told the publication that the animal held the deer in its mouth for about 30 minutes before dragging the carcass over a fence and into a neighbor's yard.

After the mountain lion left with the deer, which it fed on for several days, she noticed its tracks in the snow. Some of them were as wide as 20 feet apart.

Davis filmed the encounter, which made its way over to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).

"As this video shows, deer are the favored prey of mountain lions," CPW spokesman Joe Lewandowski told the publication. "They do most of their hunting from dusk to dawn. And groups of animals, such as deer or turkeys, provide an invitation to mountain lions."

Livestock and pets can also be an invitation to the animals — mountain lions even attacked two dogs in Estes Park over the past two weeks.

Attacks on humans are rare, but if you do encounter a mountain lion, Lewandowski recommends talking firmly, backing away slowly, and making yourself appear bigger.

Report any mountain lion sightings to CPW at 247-0855.

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