There were two Colorado ski towns that the United States Postal Service just couldn't get right.  Both shared names of towns in California.  Sometimes, it was impossible for the USPS to tell which state was written on the envelope - keeping in mind the states' abbreviations are 'CO' and 'CA,' and a sloppily-written 'a' can, I suppose, look like an 'o,' and vice versa.

  • Telluride used to be called Columbia, according to the Telluride Historical Museum.
  • Eldora was originally called Eldorado, as we're told by the Nederland Area Historical Society.

We're not sure how the people involved at the time came up with 'Telluride,' but perhaps it did have something to do with its nickname "To-Hell-You-Ride," because it actually used to be a pretty hellish place to be, not a skiier's utopia as we've known it for seemingly forever.

I can imagine if social media had been around when this was going on.  The comments would've read something like "What ever happened to taking pride in your job," "What's this world coming to when these guys can't even read," "Why they should teach kids nowadays how to write their letters more clearly," "Thanks (whoever was president at the time)," etc.


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