Many Fort Collins residents would rather take their business elsewhere than continue to support the Texas taco chain at the Foothills Mall.

This week, Fort Collins' local taco shop, Dam Good Tacos, which has been in town much longer than Torchy's Tacos, unveiled its new name, DGT. This was following a legal claim from Torchy's that 'Dam Good Tacos' infringed on their tagline, 'Damn Good Tacos.'

It's another case of corporate greed; big chain vs. small business, and ultimately, in the lawsuit filed last April, Torchy's was seeking... money!

The Coloradoan reports that everything was 'resolved in good faith between the parties,' and while it seems that DGT has handled this by taking the high road, the rest of Fort Collins is still pretty fired up.

On The Coloradoan's Facebook post from November 30, Dan Christopher wrote, 'Just went to Torchy's website and told them what I thought of them filing a lawsuit on a small business owner in my hometown of 47 years. (don't worry, I kept it professional) Here's their contact page if anybody wants to do the same....'

Steve Jones commented, 'Never eaten at Torchy's. I am cool if they stay in TX. Go DGT!'

Tara Brown agreed, saying 'Good for them! Shame on Torchy’s!
This frivolous lawsuit shows how out of touch they are with the local community they stepped in to; the cleverness of the former name is lost on their corporate stooges, and they look foolish.'

Fortunately for Torchy's, not everyone here is against them. Aaron Berthold commented on the post, saying that 'Torchy’s is great. Last time I checked they hire locals from Fort Collins... I will be a lifer at Torchy’s. I think I might go have a Trailer Park and a Crossroads today.'

Not everyone believes Torchy's is in the wrong, and to be fair, it wasn't the Torchy's in Fort Collins that is responsible for the actions of the corporation. However, I'm suddenly craving a DGT Earth, Wind and Fire.

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