Things are really heating up between two Fort Collins taco restaurants over one 'damn good' catch phrase -- so heated, it's going to federal court. 

According to The Denver Channel, Dam Good Tacos, the local taco stop under the Alley Cat in downtown Fort Collins is being taken on by the Austin-based restaurant, Torchy's Tacos: Damn Good.

The Texas chain restaurant recently moved to Fort Collins in the new Foothills Mall development. The Denver Channel reports that Torchy's is filing a claim against Dam Good, saying that our Fort Collins hole-in-the-wall taco gem infringed on their slogan.

'Torchy's sent a cease and desist letter to Dam Good Tacos in November and offered financial assistance with a name change. The Colorado taco restaurant declined.' source: The Denver Channel.

Personally, as a Fort Collins taco-lover, who regularly indulges in a Dam Good 'Earth Wind and Fire' (or two) while drinking an Alley Cat chai (or two) behind my laptop, I'm going to go ahead and say, Torchy's -- back off.

Dam Good is local to Colorado

Yeah, I'm getting a little too earth, wind and fired up over this. What can I say? I'm passionate about tacos.

You can read the full story from The Denver Channel here.

In other news, the owners of Dam Good Tacos also just opened the Butterfly Cafe downtown in the iconic old creamery building -- so hopefully no one else has one of those.

UPDATE: Dam Good Tacos posted the following on their Facebook page:

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