Hitting golf balls, eating, drinking, celebrating with friends. It sounds like an incredible time and we could be getting an opportunity to do those things and more if this vision comes to life in Timnath where a Top Golf location is being considered.

According to Bizwest, who gathered documents through an open act request, say that officials have been trying to get Topgolf to come to Timnath for a while now.

There is a large area of development off Harmony Road near I-25 that is being targeted for the huge entertainment facility which currently has two other Colorado locations, one in Thornton and one in Colorado Springs.

If you're not really familiar with what Topgolf is, the great thing about it is that you really don't have to be good at golf to enjoy it. You're just basically blasting golf balls as far as you can and having a party with friends:


My initial thoughts on this whole thing range from "Wow that would be pretty cool!" to "Can you imagine what a disaster that already mess of an area of traffic is at times with the addition of several hundred or more cars rolling in and out of a possible Topgolf location?"

So yeah, I'm kind of caught in between those two thoughts on the whole situation.

Nothing is etched in stone yet as approvals and building permits still need to be received before anything breaks ground, but there is apparently a fairly good chance that a Topgolf facility could be coming to Northern Colorado soon.

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