As I am sitting here today, I am thinking to myself... I REALLY COULD USE A GOOD PUMPKIN BEER and it got me thinking, which pumpkin beers did I really enjoy? So, I scrolled through my Facebook because I have a tendency to take photos of my brews that I drink and started looking for some good ol' pumpkin beers. These are the ones that stood out to me and as soon as I saw the photos, it took me back to when I cracked them open and enjoyed them. Here are my all time favorite pumpkin beers:

Tonight after I am done working, I will be heading to the liquor store in search of another pumpkin beer to enjoy! I do however have a few from last year that I have been aging from Avery that are a very high ABV and barrel aged. So if I am unable to score another awesome pumpkin brew, I will certainly crack one of those open.