You'd better be going the speed limit (or really know how to sweet talk and bat your lashes) when you're driving through these spots in town.

Police Car
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loading... is a website that lets users vote 'yes' or 'no' on whether... it's a trap! Here's what it has to say about Fort Collins:

1) South Lemay and Vine had a total of nearly 40 votes (on three separate postings over the last 15 years) with reports of undercover police vehicles waiting on the side of the road to pull over speeders.

2) Apparently, Trilby is a great hideout for the police. 28 users voted in favor of this spot with the comment: 'Police vehicle, van, patrol car, or state patrol charger will wait on the south side of the street just over the hill heading west on Trilby off of College, or they will wait at the north side intersection as your coming up the hill past the rail road tracks.'

3) With 20 votes in its favor, and zero votes denying that it's a popular spot for cops to hide and pull you over, I think it's safe to say that N. Dunbar and Drake is a speed trap. One user posted this this was a car radar camera trap, and that they received the ticket in the mail without even knowing they were speeding. That's the worst.

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