The Fort Collins Beau Jo's moved into its current location at LaPorte and College about seven years ago. Here are a few things about the new spot you might like to know.

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Beau Jo's is a Colorado classic. It is 'Colorado Style Pizza.' Whether you like the Mountain or the Prairie pies, the place just has a great feel. And honey. They have honey. But this article isn't about that.

It was 2014 that they re-opened at the new spot at LaPorte and College, after moving from College and Mountain, that they'd been at for years. The 'new' building that they occupy dates back to 1913; it's very cool.

A few items that have a right to brag about when it comes to the remodeling of the current space:

The Bricks

The project's general contractor contributed soft bricks that were made locally in the 1800s and early 1900s. Bricks that were salvaged from homes in Fort Collins.

The Bricks (Part II)

The facade has bricks that date back the 1907 YMCA building in Fort Collins that was all but destroyed when the building next door blew up after a gas leak. The City of Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority bought the old YMCA and deconstructed it, stockpiling materials for locations across the city. 'Beau Jo's 2014' is one of those locations.

Beetle Kill

You'll find wood all over the new location. Some of if it was milled by the Forks Lumber Company out of LaPorte, who milled the wood from beetle kill trees salvaged after 2012's High Park Fire.

So, the next time you visit the Fort Collins Beau Jo's take a look

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