The corner of 4th Street and Lincoln Avenue in Downtown Loveland will soon be seeing construction, as a new project will be getting underway. Apartments above, retail below. Let's take a look at seven businesses that should go into the space.

Having grown up in Loveland, I remember being inside the Heartland Café many times; though I don't remember when it was Draper Drugs, which it was, way back in the day.

According to the Reporter-Herald, the $32 million project should be completed by May of 2023, with over 90 residential units above the ground level, which will have retail, a café and a fitness center.

This will be much like Lincoln Place, a block north of this new project, with residential above businesses such as Doug's Day Diner, The Laurette Publick House, and Origins Wine Bar and Wood-Fired Pizza. What businesses will be at the bottom of the Draper-Heartland project?

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With three coffee shops in downtown now, I don't think we need another; so that's out. I've often said that we could use an actual small market on 4th Street, so that neighborhood folks could stop in for a quart of milk or whatnot, maybe that's in the cards, this time.

I've seen comments where folks are not really excited about this new project, so the businesses to be included, have to be good fits, for the citizens to wrap their arms around The Draper.

Take a look at my suggestions

7 Businesses That Should Come to 'The Draper/Heartland' in Loveland

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