Marc Thor Olson, was known simply as 'Thor.' He was that kind of hero on November 16, 2021, flying out at night to help battle a fire.

Olson's plane reportedly crashed at around 6:37 that night; a well-seasoned pilot having served in the Army and Air Force, the incident did result from a lack of experience.

According to a press release from the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Olson, who had been dispatched out of Fort Morgan from CO Fire Aviation, had already made one drop over the fire and flown to Loveland to get more water for a second drop when the accident occurred.

From Larimer County Sheriff's Office:

...the pilot told ground resources it was turbulent over the fire, conditions were not ideal to make a drop, and that he was going to make one more pass and then return to Loveland. Moments later, at approximately 6:37 p.m., ground resources heard the plane crash.


Resources were immediately deployed to begin searching for the wreckage and it was located near the south end of Hermit Park at approximately 9:49 p.m. The pilot was recovered from the wreckage this morning and the FAA and NTSB were also on scene today to begin their investigation. No additional information about the crash will be released at this time.

Many local authority agencies passed along their respect to the hero:


Many others in the community posted their respects as well:  

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