If you haven't seen National Lampoon's Vacation (not talking about the Christmas one here,) please do yourself a huge favor and do so.  I would submit that, even though it's almost 35 years old, it's still flipping hilarious.

Since I don't remember Water World that far back, I don't know what it was like there in the '80s.  But, if it didn't have the five-story slides and the Bermuda Triangle (well, I know that one's only like five years old,) I may have visited for like an hour, enjoyed my obligatory picnic on the grass soas to avoid giving into the overpriced pizza (thus a gut ache sure to put a gray cloud over the afternoon,) and left.

Note:  I did see that Water World had the first two water slides in the state of Colorado when it opened in 1979, thanks to Wikipedia.

But this old commercial gives me the idea that the Lazy River was really where it was at at the time!

In case you've never seen National Lampoon's Vacation, here's the official trailer from that from 1983, which I think kicks ass!

Water World typically opens Memorial Day Weekend.  In case you don't already know, the way to do it is get there before it opens in the morning, so you don't have to park like three miles away.  Likewise, you'll get numerous rides in with little to no waiting in line!!  They open at 10am.


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