Airbnb offers travelers the chance to get away and stay at unique places all over the world. From treehouses and penthouses, to cabins and suites, there are endless accommodation choices available to book through the travel website.

For vacationers seeking an outdoorsy, Colorado escape (with some pretty adorable neigh-bors), Moe’s Mini Horse Farm is the perfect place to book via Airbnb.

Not only does this country rental offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and Southern Colorado scenery, but guests also get the chance to interact with multiple miniature horses, as well as several other small animals that live on the property, during their stay.

The mini horses are very comfortable being around people, since they are used for therapy animals during their normal daily lives. And what's cool for guests staying at Moe’s Mini Horse Farm, is that they are actually able to work with the horses by doing things like grooming, washing, and taking them for walks.

Moe's Mini Horse Farm/Airbnb

For guests not wanting to get up close and personal with the mini horses, there are benches for sitting and viewing them from a far. The horses can also be seen grazing and running directly out of the windows of the Airbnb.

Moe's Mini Horse Farm/Airbnb

Located in between Ouray and Ridgeway, Moe’s Mini Horse Farm includes other amazing amenities, like a large porch that overlooks the beautiful setting. Plus, the Airbnb is close to lots of hiking trails, and also has easy access to two hot springs in the area.

If the horses and gorgeous landscape aren't enough, the host of this quirky Airbnb has gotten phenomenal reviews from past guests. Travelers have noted how kind, generous and outstanding the hospitality was during their stay, and how fun it was to sleep at the farm. The comfortable space has a queen bed and cozy, interior fireplace.

Moe's Mini Horse Farm/Airbnb

A room at Moe's Mini Horse Farm starts at $90/night.

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