As we sit on the bench this concert season and dream of what the 2021 calendar will look like *fingers crossed*  Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre shared a throwback to its opening day. In June of 1941, Red Rocks had its inaugural concert season kickoff — here's what a Red Rocks show looked like almost 80 years ago. 

There was (probably) no beer spilling, and it was about three decades before the rowdy Jethro Tull incident almost ended shows at Red Rocks forever, so yeah, things looked a bit different (more photos in comments).

On Sunday, June 15, 1941, the 'Open Air Mountain Theatre of the Red Rocks' presented Miss Helen Jepson, a soprano in the Metropolitan Opera.

Worshippers Celebrate Sunrise Easter Mass At Red Rocks Amphitheater
Red Rocks in 2010. Matt McClain/Getty Images

Pre-drone, the photos taken by plane show that the two parking lots (those look familiar) were 'mostly filled to capacity,' because people always have been — and always will be — stoked on Red Rocks shows.

Via Red Rocks on FacebookMiss Red Rocks? We do, too. There's a live cam for that.

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