OK, maybe not. But there are a few parts of Colorado State University's campus where ghosts reportedly linger...

Ever walked past the Student Services building at night? It'll give you the creeps — and while today it's offices, it originally was a dorm. Like, people had to live and sleep there? No thanks. Even the university acknowledges that there's some eerie activity going on inside of it.

According to CSU, the Art Deco-style building was originally a men's dorm, constructed in 1948, designed by Eugene Groves. Groves was admitted into an asylum before the building was even completed.

The building has half floors and stairs that go nowhere — but if you thought the blueprints for the  building were a little insane, they weren't the only crazy plans Groves had. CSU says the architect also had plans to murder his wife.

The Odyssey Online claims that the building's bizarre designs were intended to be that way because Groves was going to hide his wife's body there. Yikes. He also designed Ammons Hall, which is also supposedly haunted by a female ghost (or so I was told during my campus tour my senior year of high school).

These probably aren't the ghosts, but they might be. 

(LOL @kjborder)

Students, staff and ghost hunters alike have reported paranormal activity in the Student Services building and many others, which you can read about here.

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