Do you live in one of Colorado's worst cities? If you live in Lochbuie, Alamosa, Sheridan or any of the other seven named on 2019's 'Worst Places to Live' list, then HomeSnacks thinks so. 

Sure, it could just be a matter of opinion, but HomeSnacks used 'science' (and yeah, a little opinion, too) 'to determine which cities in Colorado are the real pits.'

Thankfully, no cities or towns here in Northern Colorado were listed. The cities that did make the list, however, had not-so-favorable statistics when it came to safety, unemployment and home value.

BUT, silver lining here: Fort Collins and those mentioned on the 'best' list are growing rapidly, much to the dismay of those who already live there. So, if you are one of the 6,000 in Lochbuie and you love it, that's great. It's even kind of fun to say.

You can see the full breakdown from HomeSnacks here.

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