There's a lot of "guy" talk behind the scenes about Lorde.  Some guys I've talked to think she's scary.  I think she rocks.  So don't be fooled by the fact I played a bit recently of "Lorde Without the Autotuning."  That obviously wasn't her.  THIS, however, is:

I personally think that will be more funny once we've all gotten used to the new song, as parodies are normally done on songs we've all heard a kazillion times, right?  So don't be surprised if I break that baby out sometime down the road.

As for Lorde's worst memory performing live, here she is with the rest of her 12-year-old band, tearing up Rainbow's "Man on the Silver Mountain."

No word yet on a Colorado concert date for Lorde yet, although she is lining up some tour dates right now.  Her new album Melodrama drops June 16th.

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