Wombats are not only one of the most adorable species animals, they're also one of the most adorable English indie rock bands from Liverpool since... well, since that other band from Liverpool, I guess. 

They're synthy, dancey, have accents; they're The Wombats, and 94.3 The X is bringing them to this summer's Taste of Fort Collins, on Friday, June 10, 2016. Given that it is April 1, just let me address what you're all thinking -- No, we are not pranking you with an awesome concert -- THIS IS REAL!

Jim Dyson/Getty Images

We're so pumped, but we've got months to go until we get to see The Wombats live, so here are our top picks to help hold us over until then.

Let's Dance to Joy Division

Yeah, OK, obvious choice, because it's was really the song that introduced us to the band. I was fifteen when this song came out, so did anyone else my age only know who Joy Division was because of this song? Maybe it was just me, but I've danced to it. A lot.

Moving to New York

What kind of list about The Wombats would this be without 'Moving to New York?'

Jump Into the Fog

The biggest U.S. single from their sophomore studio album, This Modern Glitch. I'm pretty sure that I had this on blast for a good month or two after it came out in 2010.

Greek Tragedy

The Wombats came back BIG in the spring of 2015, with the album Glitterbug, and the albums first single 'Greek Tragedy' left me wanting to smash this song in a karaoke bar.

Give Me a Try

Can I get sentimental for a minute, please? (You've been warned...) This song means so much to this station, or to me, at least. We launched last August, after putting so much work into this new project we called '94.3 The X,' and this was one of the first songs we started playing. Every time I hear it, I think of how exciting things were for us last summer. Had you told me that less than a year later, we'd be presenting the band in Fort Collins, I wouldn't have believed you. Cheers! And here's to a GREAT summer, and kicking it off with The Wombats.

(Please, nobody throw bread at them, OK?)