I have a lot of family who lives in Nebraska, so I'm familiar with it being the origin of Kool-Aid, and that yellow, triangular reflector on the back of construction equipment to let you know it might be backing up at any moment.  Neither of which is the big invention from there, according to this list.  Nope!  It's THIS:

Couple on Ski Lift
joshuaraineyphotography via Thinkstock

My guess is this:  A Nebraskan visited Colorado and ran out of breath waaaaay too soon, like what happens to any flatlander who isn't used to the thin air in our altitude, and said, "We need a machine to help us with this."  Thanks!

Then, there's Wyoming.  I might expect spurs to be their big invention, perhaps the wind fence, or even those chrome balls that hang beneath some guys' rear truck bumpers.  Nope!

DenisePohl via Thinkstock

No no no, not a shovel.  But a shovel HANDLE.  I'm not even going to try to figure that one out.

So what are we famous for inventing in Colorado?  Sandals?  Ski racks?  Patio umbrellas?  *IHHHHHH*  Wrong again.  THIS:

yamahavalerossi via Thinkstock

That's not a firework, friend.  That's a coochie q-tip.  A cotton pony.  A rag bag.  A Sean Hannity. (kidding)

THAT is COLORADO's most impactful invention.  You may laugh like I did.  But, in the end (okay, bad choice of words,) it's just one more way Colorado balances out a messed up world and makes it a better place.  I.... guess.

See the whole list of these, here.



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