While I'm sick to death (and rather scared, honestly) of hearing about what everyone around me strongly disapproves of - hey, why not have a little fun with it while the tide is high?

Go ahead.  Guess what we hate in Colorado.

Giant pickups?/Tiny Japanese cars?


Wow, we are a super split society here.  Like, possibly the most of any state in the nation.  In fact, for years, I have been impressed and grateful that Colorado people are generally so kind and play so nicely together, compared to other places I've seen or heard of.  Let's keep it that way, huh?

I'm also glad to see our most hated thing isn't transplants.  Always seek to better your life, friend!

But it IS a group of people. That's right-- Colorado hates *NSYNC the most!

Click on the map above to see the entire list!

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