I know somebody who bought some fireworks up in Wyoming over the weekend, and they showed me this piece of paper that was a waiver, but they didn’t have to sign it.  They just had to let them scan their i.d. before they could go in, then they presented them with this, basically saying 'I certify that I’m not a member of any organization on the Terrorist Exclusion List, and nothing I purchase here will be used in an attack against the United States.'

Geoff Gundy, TSM
Geoff Gundy, TSM

Never mind the fact that even the most absent-minded criminal would probably not plan to destroy others using artillery shells, roman candles, and bottle rockets.

This is an extremely wise policy indeed.  If I were plotting a terrorist attack, that would be my biggest concern:  Not only getting caught, but doing so after promising I would never do such a thing.  Because ruining lives and destroying property is one thing; but, lying to the people who provided me with the goods with which to carry out the act just crosses the line of my morals.

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