The City of Fort Collins is providing two grants: The Social Services Grant and The Childcare System Support Grant to local organizations and guess what? applications are now open.

"Tuned In to NoCo" had the chance to speak with the Social Sustainability Recovery Specialist, Amanda McGimpsey, and the City Grants and Community Partnership Coordinator, Adam Molzer about the grants. McGimpsey says these funds are specifically dedicated to four types of caregiving projects.

"We are seeking to fund projects that are currently either leading or developing programming in one of four focus areas. Those include: childcare workforce development, mental health resources, accessibility resources such as language services, and subsidized spots for school-age care."

With $100,000 available for our community in the Childcare Support Grant alone, McGimpsey says they are excited to allocate the funds to Fort Collins organizations in need.

"We anticipate disbursing those funds to multiple organizations and nonprofits in the area. These funds are specifically for activities that build critical capacity within the local childcare system in response to COVID-19."

McGimpsey says the second grant available, the Social Services Grant, will provide $15,000 to each awardee.

"The city has enough funding to support ten organizations in this grant period. So, that's a total of $150,000 in the Social Services Grant going out into the community."

From wheelchair accessibility to funding for food pantries, Molzer says these grants are not only for those in need but are there to help our caregivers as well.

"There is a high turnover rate in childcare. So, when we can partner with organizations that are helping to build up their skill sets and really support those caregivers, that's an opportunity that the city really wants to look into."

These funds are available through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and or solely dedicated to organizations that help provide social sustainability assistance.

For more information about the grants and how to apply click here.

To listen to the full interview, check out the video below.

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