To quote modern-day philosopher Fred Durst, sometimes it's just one of those days.

Whether or not we care to admit it, we all went through our teen angst phase. Maybe we failed a test, had a nasty fight with our parents or got dumped at the Friday night football game. Either way, we all know the feeling that the world is weighing down on us, threatening to break our backs — and the only solace we can find is in music.

Every generation had its own set of teen angst anthems. Some of us gravitated toward the blustery, braggadocious rap-metal screeds of Limp Bizkit or Papa Roach. Others went for the sugary, heartsick pop-punk anthems from the likes of Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance or Paramore.

Perhaps you sought refuge in the pummeling breakdowns and larynx-shredding screams of metalcore titans like Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for My Valentine. Or, if your tastes skew really heavy, maybe your teen angst anthems came from Finnish death metallers Children of Bodom or the nine masked madmen in Slipknot — because, hey, extreme metal musicians have feelings too.

Whatever your flavor of teen angst was, we've got you covered with our list of teen angst anthems. All the aforementioned artists are there, plus a bunch of other heavy hitters, from Evanescence to Disturbed to Green Day. So dig out your Tripp pants and hair straightener, fire up your iPod Shuffle and dive into our list of Teen Angst Anthems to Melt Your Icy, Black Heart.

20 Teen Angst Anthems to Melt Your Icy, Black Heart

From nu-metal to pop-punk, these songs spoke to you when nobody else could.

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