More than 100 years have contributed to the rich, western history that makes the town of Fort Collins what it is today. The city's earliest residents originally settled near Old Town, and now these colorful characters of Fort Collins’ past have been known to still linger inside the historic downtown buildings – just in the form of ghosts and spirits.

Thanks to Fort Collins Tours, residents nowadays can take guided walks through the heart of town while listening to authentic stories about local legends, and actually stepping foot inside the same establishments that were once abuzz during the 1900's. The Speakeasies and Spirits of Old Town centers on how the art of drinks has shaped Fort Collins' path through history.

This spirited tour takes guests on an entertaining adventure to some of the area's breweries, back alley taverns, wineries and pubs, where the brewers, distillers and vintners will provide further glimpses into the magic and science behind drink crafting. Along the way, the guides will be sharing stories from the town's earliest days and also recounting some of the ghostly hauntings that have occurred, courtesy of Fort Collins' most notorious former residents. Alcoholic drinks are not included, however several of the establishments along the way do have specially priced beverages available for purchase.

Tours typically last two-and-a-half hours, meaning plenty of time for sipping, storytelling, and socializing. Tickets for the Speakeasies and Spirits Tour are $17 per person. Guests must be 21 or older to take part.

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