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Pumpkin Beer From Berthoud's City Star Brewing
Last night we wanted beer... But not just any beer, pumpkin beer! We opted to had over to Berthoud's City Star Brewing as it is one of our go to places and a convenient half way point between my place and our friend's place in Longmont. The is one brewery we have been to a handful of …
5 Things I Learned About Prost Brewing in One Afternoon
On a Thursday afternoon, you'll probably think about hitting up the standard breweries in town: Snowbank, O'Dells, even Zwei.  However, for the traditional beer lover in your life, there's a new sheriff in town-- and it's right behind Illegal Pete's.
Fort Collins Craft Brewery Forced to Change Name
A craft brewery in Fort Collins that hasn't even opened its doors yet was forced to change its name due to a cease and desist letter from Absolut Vodka.
Intersect Brewing is currently under construction and will open at 2160 W. Drake Rd in Fort Collins in August...

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