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5 Things I Learned About Prost Brewing in One Afternoon
On a Thursday afternoon, you'll probably think about hitting up the standard breweries in town: Snowbank, O'Dells, even Zwei.  However, for the traditional beer lover in your life, there's a new sheriff in town-- and it's right behind Illegal Pete's.
Fort Collins Craft Brewery Forced to Change Name
A craft brewery in Fort Collins that hasn't even opened its doors yet was forced to change its name due to a cease and desist letter from Absolut Vodka.
Intersect Brewing is currently under construction and will open at 2160 W. Drake Rd in Fort Collins in August...
Taste of Loveland Coming Soon
Is seems like everyone has a Taste of something lately. We just announced an awesome line up for the Taste of Fort Collins, the Taste of Weld County was last week and the Taste of Loveland is coming on April 21!
The Foothills Service League hosts this annual event at The Rocky Mountain Center for Inn…
Colorado Craft Beer
This guy, Eric Conrady, knows how to work the knobs! It’s very cool! I can’t even make a plain old house! Plus, this Etch-A-Sketch was used when folks in Lyons got together to set a Guinness Book Wold Record!