First, they brought us the potato burrito. Then, they brought us live music and burritos. Now, dancing and burritos. 

Dancing Feet
Keystone/Getty Images

I've always had a fun time explaining to some of our artists from out of town,

'You're going to be playing a show at Illegal Pete's.'

-'What is that?'

'It's a burrito restaurant.'

-'I'm playing in a burrito restaurant?'

'Well, yeah, but it has a stage and stuff; it's great you'll love the potato burrito.'

Now, in addition to being a live music venue, the Old Town Illegal Pete's in Fort Collins will be hosting a swing dance night, which includes a lesson, social dance, a drink and a burrito, duh. (You don't even need a partner!)

Tickets for the event on Monday, February 20,are $12. Lessons start at 7:30 p.m. and the dance at 8:30. More information on Illegal Pete's Facebook page.

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