The thing about Colorado weather that I've come to accept and quite frankly love, is that the only thing normal about the weather here is...the abnormal. I get bored pretty quickly so the fact that the weather can go from summer to winter like THAT is exciting to me. (Call me crazy, many do, and worse actually...but I digress.)

Elevation plays such a key factor in our weather and its drastic changes at times, even at where we sit in NoCo hovering around the 5,000 feet above sea level mark. Things can change in an instant and the higher up you go, the crazier and more drastic the changes can be.

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Even though we are in August, we can see some pretty strong fronts blowing through and bringing chillier temperatures and even...yes, snow.

According to Mountain ForecastQuandary Peak is predicted to see a dusting of snow this weekend. Mount Elbert, Colorado's highest peak, is also expected to get a fresh dusting this weekend, as well as Grays and Torreys.

Something to keep in mind if you're planning on hitting a 14'er this weekend: daytime should be fine, especially in the mornings but if you're doing any camping up high, check back with the forecast because things can change in a flash, whether it gets a bit warmer or becomes a full-on blizzard. You just never know up there.

With the news about the cold front coming in and the possible dusting of snow in areas, what does that mean for the lower elevations in terms of rainfall and more possible mudslides?

Well, according to the National Weather Service, there are areas that have a chance for flash flooding each day, but the best chance for flash flooding and possible mudslide danger will be on Monday and Tuesday.

Bring on rain, snow, sleet, hail, sunshine...whatever, I'm just over the smoke.

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