It's a biking event that Colorado has been crying out for. Imagine a family-oriented bike ride while competing along the route to win... donuts.

Fist off, we'll all have to agree to disagree on the spelling of the confectionary delight: "Doughnuts" vs. "Donuts." In this particular event, it's "Donuts." No matter how you spell it, it sounds like a fun adventure for a summer morning in Colorado.

The Fort Collins area is famous for New Belgium's Tour de Fat, as well as the adorable Tour de Corgi; both bring the community out for fun times. This event, in the Denver area, is a lot like those, only it involves donuts.

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They're going to have two routes set up, one for families with young children which is only 1.6 miles in length, and one that is 4 miles for those ready to really take on a donut challenge. You may want to start your day with a donut, and then bike your way to earning MORE donuts.

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How appropriate is it that donuts are involve in a biking event? Round tires, round donuts, it was clearly meant to be. I bet you would have a lot of fun telling friends and coworkers, when they ask what you did over this particular weekend,

Oh, we went and rode in the Tour de Donut...

They would be super "jelly" as the kids say, and you would have a sweet new t-shirt to prove it.

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