Most people who go to punk shows are there to enjoy good music and a good time. Sadly, one asshole at Sum 41’s show in Amsterdam, Netherlands last week didn’t get the memo about being a decent concertgoer.

The BBC report that a man was apprehended with 30 cell phones in his cycling shorts after fans alerted the authorities. Sounds like someone was in too deep.

The suspect is thought to be in a roving gang of thieves and the incident has been linked to the theft of 50 phones at Sum 41’s concert in Antwerp, Belgium, earlier this month. He’s expected to go in front of a judge at some point this week.

Sadly, phone theft is becoming a more regular occurrence at shows. Last year, nearly 100 phones were stolen at a While She Sleeps performance in London, whilst Rise Against is another band whose fans were targeted, with those thefts occurring back in 2017.

It’s been an eventful European tour for Sum 41 so far. On Jan. 18, the group’s show in Paris was cancelled after an explosion was heard outside the venue, which later transpired to be firecrackers relating to the ongoing strikes in the city.

As for the phone thefts, there’s been no official word from the Sum 41 camp as yet.

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