Lots of people want to come to Loveland during the summer, but why? It must sound like a great place to bring the family. Let's talk about why you might not want to do that.

Here are seven reasons why I think people should stay away from Loveland.

7 Reasons to Stay Away From Loveland This Summer

I grew up in Loveland and live in Loveland, and I have yet to do all the fun things that the town has to offer. Touring one of the foundries does sound interesting; I've never caught a fish out on Boyd, and I haven't even been to ALL the breweries that Loveland has.

To see all of the sculptures would take you a full day, sunup to sundown, to see every one in town. That includes Benson, Chapungu, Downtown, and all the nooks that have a sculpture, like Dairy Queen. That sounds like a 'two birds, one stone' thing: get a cone and check out sculptures at the same time. Fun.

So, you can risk having a great time with Loveland's art, beer, food, history, and outdoor activities, or you can visit Estes Park; which of course, has more of the same. You could be in for trouble just getting off the interstate, really.

I hear Wyoming is spectacular.

Since you won't' be visiting Loveland, you won't be fascinated by these photos of how the Foundry used to look


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