From a moment of unbelievable excitement, to a freefall of unbelievable frustration and sadness. This store thought they'd just struck gold, but it was all a lie. Now, they're closing shop.

You've heard of frauds before, like Enron and Bernie Madoff, but here's a local story that is also about "getting conned." While things did go horribly wrong for them, they're not letting it stop them from making folks happy. Especially with this closing sale.

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St. Nix Collectibles, Toys & Antiques opened up their storefront on Main Street in Longmont, Colorado, in late 2021. A little  over a year later, they'll be closing up that shop, due to someone conning them. Until February 19, 2023, you can stop into the store an actually make an offer on items that they have left.



According to Denver7, a little before Christmas of 2022, a man came into the store and said he'd take one of everything they had. He said he ran a toy drive; it all sounded "legit." The trouble and foreshadowing began when the man's card wouldn't go through. The amount due was $56,000; the man wrote a personal check for the amount. When the man came back with a truck, they were more than happy to help him load up.

Even more, is that the owners of the shop wanted to "pay it forward," so they bought supplies, and put those supplies in bags that they gave out to the homeless. Plus, they spent $2,000 restocking their shelves. I'm guessing they felt great; it was quite a windfall.

About a week later, they found out they'd been "had;' the man did not have that $56,000 in his account and so the deposit was nullified. The man had all the toys, they had zero dollars to show for it.


According to Denver7, they were able to get some of the toys back, but it was too little, too late. The shop cannot pay the rent for the storefront; now, they are letting the shop go. Before the shop is closes for good on February 19, 2023, they are have a "closing sale," where they are letting customers "make a (reasonable) offer" on the items remaining.


St. Nix will still be operating their online store which has been very successful for them, for several years. With luck, they can build back their "bottom line" and get back into a "brick and mortar shop.'

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