One thing I've learned about Colorado is if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes because it will more than likely change. That saying definitely applies to the Spring and over the next week or so, that is really going to apply and will be put on full display for all to see and feel.

Let's start with this week, where we are dealing with crazy winds up and down temperatures and stuff flying around everywhere.

In addition to the high wind warnings that are in effect pretty much all over the state, there is an extreme threat of fire as well with the dry conditions to go with all of that wind.



That will be the case through Thursday before things calm down by Friday and turn downright beautiful for the weekend where we will see plenty of sun with temperatures in the 70's even pushing 80 degrees on Saturday.




Things start to change on Monday as we see better chances of rain and dare I say possible snow Tuesday night into Wednesday as temperatures drop into 30's overnight.

Looking at it from this far out, it's hard to tell as previously mentioned, the weather in Colorado, especially this time of year can be extremely unpredictable but one thing is for certain is that we're going to be all over the place over the next week and probably over the next month or so for that matter.



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