So now that the Denver Broncos have another new quarterback, let's begin asking the important questions like, "is Paxton Lynch single?"

Unfortunately, the answer is "no."

According to, Lynch is very much involved in a loving relationship with a girl named Jami Miller from Illinois, a member of the University of Memphis women's softball team. Just from looking at her Twitter profile, I can tell she loves weasels and meercats, baby pigs, partying, tanning, sloths, and puppies. It isn't clear that this is true, but her account also says she lives in Chicago. If so, then I'm wondering if she'll be making the move to Denver, or continuing her long-distance relationship with her bae, Paxton Lynch.

Regardless of his relationships, Coloradans are very excited to have him become a Bronco and have welcomed him with open arms. They are also more than ready to swap (or burn) their Brock Osweiler jerseys for Paxton Lynch Broncos attire.