On a normal weekend, the wooden rows at Red Rocks are usually filled with excited concert-goers — but during the past 48 hours, the snowy conditions drew a much different crowd to the famous amphitheater.

With snow completely covering the 100 rows of benches that ascend 300 feet above the stage, several people on skis and snowboards got the rare chance to take a run down one of Colorado's most legendary landmarks. Although construction kept them from making it all the way down to the stage, the views on the descend were probably breathtaking.

The last time Red Rocks was blanketed by enough snow for skiers to ride down was during the March blizzard of 2016.

Unlike other Colorado resorts, this once-or-twice a decade ski run is dangerous, so those who did try to trek down were kicked out fairly quickly by Red Rocks Park staff.

Colorado's 4th largest snowstorm brought 27.1 inches to Denver, and even more to surrounding areas. Because of the recent snow, a few of the ski resorts in Colorado have opted to extend their 2020-21 season.

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